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Lords of Waterdeep

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Published Players Playing time Age
2012 2 - 5 60 - 120 min 12+

Lords of Waterdeep is a euro-style city building board game where players take the role of secret rulers of the city Waterdeep.

Through agents, players recruit adventurers to complete 5 diferrent types of Quests (commerce, warfare, piety, arcana, and skullduggery) to earn rewards and advance their agendas. The Lords of Waterdeep all have the safety of their city at heart, but each one is also laying his or her own plans. Through backdoor dealings, mercenaries, and plain old bribery, can gain more influence over the city.

Victory points are gained through completing quests, constructing buildings, playing intrigue cards or having other players use your buildings. The player who have collected the most victory points after 8 rounds is the winner.