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Paris (2020) Review

Posted by Bradley Marlow on

Designer – Michael Kiesling, Wolfgang Kramer
Artist – Andreas Resch
Publisher – Game Brewer, Czacha Games, Dexker Games, Korea Boardgames CO LTD, Maldito Games, TLAMA Games


French Architecture

Paris is a game that is set in… you guessed it Paris, France, in the 19th century to be exact. In Paris 2-4 players act as wealthy property investors who will compete to earn the most prestige in the city, the 1900’s were a pivotal time for the infrastructure of Paris and many of the buildings erected during this period are part of what makes Paris such an iconic architectural city to this day!

How to play 

Gameplay is super simple and takes place over two key phases.

Phase 1 – Place a Building -This phase is as simple as picking up a face down building tile from  the supply, turning it over and placing it in its rightful district and spot, although there is a variable play where you can place a building in any district as long as the numbered spot of that building is free but I wont go in to that now.

When all the tiles are gone you can just skip this step.

Phase 2 – Perform an Action – Now you have to make a choice there are three actions available to you in the game and I will briefly touch on them here

1. Place a key on a bank or the Arc de Triumph – This action will, as suggested, allow you to take a key from your personal supply and place it on any of the districts banks, this lets you take money to the value of that bank and set up to take the second action in a future turn, if you choose to place on the Arch de triumph you get no coins but will have more choices as to where you can place that key later.

2. Move a key to purchase a building – This action requires that you already have a key on either the ADT or a districts bank you may move it from one of these locations on to an already placed building tile, pay the cost and gai the resource next to it if it is still there. Now there are a few things that you need to remember, the buildings are placed in number order and although you can move from a bank to any number building you may never move a key back to a lower building in later turns and also you only have to pay the difference when moving up so for example if I was on a three cost building and wanted to move up to the five cost building I would only need to pay the two coins not the full five.

3. Take an end game tile – This action can only occur when all building tiles have been placed so wont be an option for most of the game but these tiles will grant you immediate benefits of VP, resources or coin which can really help you to achieve the final bits you need to win

      These steps are repeated until the last tile has been taken the end game is triggered, all players finish having played an equal amount of turns each and then VP is scored, the player with the most VP takes the victory!

      A beautiful board

      Yes, yes and yes the components are amazing, each player gets their own little block of houses which act as a screen although in the games I have played this seems unnecessary to hide your resources from other players but looks amazing on the table, they also get a set of keys which will be used to buy buildings on the board. The board itself is modular which makes it really easy to take apart and assemble and the layover tokens are all a good thick cardboard which will last and then to top it all off you have a 3D Arc De Triumph that sits proudly in the centre of the board and really brings the theme all together. 

      Build to victory

      The gameplay is what you would expect from these designers very simplistic and easy to pick up alongside many different paths to victory, are you going to try and buy out a whole district first to get the best VP score marker, are you going to spread yourself around and take all the low value buildings so that you can advance on the bonus track or are you going to reach the top of different districts and build famous landmarks?

      Final thoughts

      The game is great, there is a lot in the box but at the same time the setup time is next to nothing, this is compared to the games I normally play, it looks amazing on the table and I genuinely mean that. This is the sort of game I would introduce to new board game players as well as pull out for my more experienced game group to take a break from Nemesis or Gloomhaven and at the same time I would be very confident that they would enjoy it, lockdown is in full effect right ow and if your looking for a beautiful game that is simple to play and can be played with your partner while you are both stuck in then buy this game, you can thank me later.



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